Tuesday, August 26, 2014

(Not) Back-to-School: what this homeschooling mom needs

I love my kids and I love this homeschooling adventure. It isn't perfect, but there isn't much I would change. However, this mama does have a back-to-school wish list (a mom can daydream, right?) and it looks a little something like this ...

- Coffee.  Lots of coffee. And silence until 8 a.m.

- My own art supplies.

- Two words: maid service.

- Time to read books which have nothing whatsoever to do with topics that my children are learning about in homeschool.

- A sense of humor.

- A sense of humor.

- A sense of humor.

- The occasional substitute teacher. AKA Netflix.

- Patience. Ironically, the quantity of patience the world at large seems to assume I have when they find out I'm a homeschooling mom would probably fit the bill.

The Great Rubber Egg science experiment fail of 2012.

- Realistic expectations. (Although having my lofty plans crash and burn from time to time does keep me humble).

- To never hear the word "socialization" again. For real.

- To brag on social media about something awesome my kid did/learned/accomplished and not have it turn into a homeschool debate.

- To be able to put a screaming toddler in front of PBS Kids for a little while so I can finish an Algebra lesson with my oldest and not feel any mom-guilt about the fact that my first-born didn't have any screen time at all when she was that age.

- A vacation once a year to some place with absolutely no educational value or historical significance.

- "Field trip to the ice cream parlor, kids!"

- The ability to totally change the kindergarten currciculum because I just can't take doing the exact same crafts and stories for an entire year for the third time in a row.

- To indulge in the occasional day dream about waving the school bus down and sticking these kids on it.

- For the bookmobile to make stops at my house. Also the coffee-mobile, the sharpened pencils mobile, and the relax-don't-worry-Mrs.-Fleck-we've-already-made-dinner-for-you mobile.

- That bookmobile?  Could it also come back so we can return our library books? I imagine the late fees we've accrued in Summer 2014 alone could cover the gas and mileage.

- To not have my kids quizzed when someone finds out we homeschool. Even my kindergartener recognizes this as lame. Seriously, can we stop with this? Whether or not they can correctly answer the random questions you are pelting them with has nothing whatsoever to do with how legit our homeschool is, so just stop.

- A good friend who texts and reminds me to take chocolate on a bad day. (Love you, J!)

- Time ALONE. And I don't mean to lesson plan either.

- A minute to knit for every minute I feign interest in Minecraft. Double time if it's a Minecraft YouTube video.

- More hands.

- And while we're granting wishes, another six hours in the day would be fantastic.

- The ability to go off on a sarcastic rant from time to time on my blog but still have it be understood that I love my life and I'm really happy we're homeschoolers.

Okay my homeschooling mama friends, what do YOU need this year?

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