Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Homeschool Planning Process VLOG and Book List

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A few weeks ago I shared a post on Simple Homeschool about my 3 step process for homeschool planning. I thought it might be nice to record a vlog as a companion to that post, so here it is!

If you're interested in the original Simple Homeschool post, head here:
My 3 Step Process for Homeschool Planning

In the video, I mentioned that I would share the list of books I've been using to plan the next homeschool year, so this post is me making good on that promise.

Next  school year my kids will be 15, 10, 8, and 5. Our homeschool will include the following grade levels:
  • ninth grade
  • fourth grade
  • second grade
  • and preK age 5 (we delay kindergarten until age 6, or I suppose some would consider what we do to be a Kindergarten from age 3 to age 6) 

Note that this list varies a bit from the video because I'm adding resources as I'm continuing to plan. New books are being added almost daily as I'm currently creating our 2016-2017 plans, and I will update this blog post as the book list grows.

Books I'm Using to Plan Our Next Homeschool Year

General Planning:

In addition to books I'm using for general planning, I'm also breaking things down per child and plan to use the following books and curriculum:
 Ninth Grade:
 Fourth Grade:
  • Math - he will move on to the next Teaching Textbooks
  • Spelling, Grammar, Writing - The Write Start  (Max is in the storyteller/scholar phase) and also the games and lessons ins Dorothy Harrer's An English Manual
  • Reading - we're going to use the Sonlight Grade 4/5 readers
  • Science - Physics, probably using Van Cleave's Physics for Every Kid
  • History - The Story of the World IV, also learning about our home state. He keeps a Book of Centuries, as well.
  • Art & Music - 2 to 4 hours a week, Art Club and piano
  • Taekwondo - 3 to 6 hours a week
 Second Grade:
  • History - the Story of the World vol. II, working on reading, narrating, and illustrating and she also keeps a Book of Centuries.
  • Math - A Journey Through Waldorf Math from Waldorf Essentials
  • Spelling, Grammar, Writing - The Write Start  (Lucy is a speller) and also the games and lessons ins Dorothy Harrer's An English Manual
  • Reading - pulling from a variety of different book lists and making sure she always has 1) a book to read in her head, 2) a book to read aloud, 3) a book to listen to mom read aloud. I feel like this gives practice for many different reading/comprehension skills.
  • Science - earth science and astronomy. Still working out these plans.
  • Art & Music - 2 hours a week. Begin piano?
 PreKindergarten, age 5:
  • continue to work our way through Sonlight Core P4/5
  • The Write Start  (Amelia is a scribbler)
  • play, play, play!

As I said, I'll more than likely be adding to this list, but so far these are the books that I'm using to plan for next year.

Are individual planning posts for each kid and their grade level, including our curriculum plans, something that you would be interested in reading about? Or/and in my creating vlogs for? Let me know in the comments. Thanks! 

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