Monday, August 1, 2016

Hey! Ho! Here we go! Back to Home Sweet Homeschool!

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It has been a slow, stress free Summer Session. We've been following along with the Read the World Summer Book Club, doing some free reading, and finishing up a few subjects and books from last year.

And it has been lovely.

But then one day, perhaps with a Mary Poppins-like change in the wind, I felt it: it's time to start homeschool again.

I originally planned that we were going to take August off, but since I outlined that master schedule a few things have changed.

For one, we're planning a trip next year and I don't want to do schooling on the road, at least not beyond the things we naturally learn when traveling.

For another, I really want to do NaNoWriMo again this year and one of the lessons learned last November is that novel writing mama and homeschooling mama don't play well together. And I want to make sure I fit myself into the plans this year.

So, the schedule has been tinkered with and now we're going to officially start the new year on Monday, August 1 and just ease toward it from the simple summer session we've been enjoying these past few months.

I am excited! This year I feel more organized and ready than ever, or maybe it's just that my youngest child is getting ready to turn five and so I'm getting more sleep than I have in oh, about fifteen years.

Yes, that could definitely have something to do with it.

But I'm also excited about the resources we're using this year: some of them old friends we've been learning with for years, some of them new materials that I just know my kids are going to enjoy.

I've just got a good feeling about this year.

So, since I love writing out lists and because I know that I'm not the only one curious about what other homeschoolers plan and do, here is a little sneak peek of back to school for the Fleck Academy Homeschool.

BUT, remember that plans changes and so what is written here isn't necessarily the way things will be after we've lived this plan for a while.

My motley crew. I fear for their teacher!

Home Sweet Homeschool: Hey! Ho! Here we go!

Ninth Grade - Jillian, age 14
  • Biology - we have a second-hand biology textbook we are using as a base and we will add enrichment and as much hands on study as we can
  • Algebra I - she's doing an online program (I'll share more once she's used it a while and we're sure we're going to stick with it for the year)
  • Spanish 1 - she's using Easy Peasy All in One High School
  • Art - Art Club / her art projects / hand sewing / crafting
  • History and Reading - working through the ninth grade book list (many of these I've found as Kindle freebies) in The Well Trained Mind and writing a one to two page summary, along with using The Timetables of History and The Almanac of World History. She keeps a Book of Centuries, as well. 
  • Independent Study: culinary studies and we'll pick up with our Frasier Craning again. In fact, we've got some big plans for both of these topics.

Fourth Grade - Max, age 10
  • Art & Music - 2 to 4 hours a week, Art Club and piano
  • Taekwondo - 3 to 6 hours a week

Second Grade - Lucy, age 8
  • Math - A Journey Through Waldorf Math from Waldorf Essentials and also daily practice with Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool (I know those two might seem at odds with each other, but I think we can make it work)
  • Spelling, Grammar, Writing - The Write Start  (Lucy is a speller) and also the games and lessons in Dorothy Harrer's An English Manual
  • Reading - we're going to start with Little House in the Big Woods
  • Science - earth science and astronomy using a variety of resources
  • Art & Music - 2 hours a week

PreSchool, age 5 - Amelia
  • continue to work our way through Sonlight Core P4/5
  • The Write Start  (Amelia is a scribbler)
  • play, play, play!
  • Taekwondo - 1 hour per week

I also use Little Acorn Learning with my younger kids, focusing specifically on my second grader and my five year old, but sometimes my fourth grader might like to participate, too.

And those are our plans for the new school year at the Fleck Academy.

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