Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Books for Our Home Library

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Thanks to some coupon codes and gift cards, our bookshelves are a little fuller at The Fleck Academy Homeschool.  Well, okay, one book isn't really a book for homeschool and is just for my own personal (mindful) Merry Making collection, but the majority of the books I've purchased recently are for the young minds that live here, and the grown ups who love them.

And, heck YES that title is getting an exclamation point at the end because NEW BOOKS!

Confession: some of these I was going to give as Christmas presents, but I just couldn't wait!

After being really good following my back-to-school book buying, over the last month or so I just haven't been able to resist. There have been so many good Amazon coupons and I was kindly given a gift card recently, so there all this Amazon "cash" was just asking to be turned into books.

First, I purchased the National Audubon Society Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals. 

We already have a nice collection of Audubon guides thanks to a very generous Christmas gift from my parents years ago, but since we have some rock hounds at our house, I thought we needed this book in our home library, too.

I'm actually quite keen to put it to use along with some of the ideas for studying geology that I've been gleaning from the wonderful YouTube channel of Pepper & Pine.

My homeschooling friends, have you found the Pepper & Pine site yet? She's got a lot of wonderful Waldorf inspired homeschooling videos, but I don't think you have to have Waldorf in your homeschool "smoothie" to appreciate the books, science experiments, and tutorials she shares. She does quite a few reviews, too.

The play list for the geology studies is here: Pepper & Pine Geology playlist (YouTube)

Next, I initially purchased Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman and was so charmed by it that I immediately purchased Farm Anatomy and her newest book Food Anatomy, too.

I cannot wait to put them to use! Visions of sketchbooks and field guides and colored pencils at the kitchen table are dancing in my head.

I'm especially excited because I feel like of my three oldest kiddos, each one of them is going to be the most excited about a different book. (But I'm sure they will each like every book, so much visual goodness here!) It's like it was a set custom made for our household.

For instance, the Food Anatomy book just seems like it was tailor made for my daughter who wants to work in the food industry someday and I think Nature Anatomy is going to go well with the animal studies my son has been doing and I predict it will end up living with his growing collection of animal encyclopedias and nature guides.

I ended up purchasing each book individually, but there is also a boxed set, although I think buying them individually is a slightly better deal if you don't mind them not having their own box (I didn't mind).

Speaking of special interests, after I read about it in Simple Abundance, I decided to track down a copy of 365 Ways to Prepare for Christmas. It's an older title, but I was able to purchase a second-hand copy via an Amazon third party seller. I have only flipped through it so far, but for being a pre-Pinterest age book, it has some useful ideas. Worth the less than $4 I paid to purchase and ship it, in my opinion.

And, finally, after reading about them on many homeschooling blogs, I purchased a set of the Big Fat Notebook Middle School Study Guides in part because they look handy to have around for reference and also because I want to read them myself.

What about you? Have your purchased any new books for your homeschool lately? Any rearranging to make way for new acquisitions on the bookshelves going on at your house?

Okay, I have one more confession to make: I totally preordered this book, too.

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